Matri Pitri Vandana :

Matri Pitri Vandana

The Department of General Administration, Assam has developed the “Matri Pitri Vandana” portal to enable Government of Assam employees to apply for casual leave online. The Hon'ble Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma has urged the government employees to make use of the special holidays in spending quality time with parents, in-laws and other family members. Government employees who are interested in this special Casual leave will be able to avail by applying online.
Matri Pitri Vandana
The Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma has requesting the government employees to make use of the special holidays in spending quality time with parents, in-laws and other family members on two days leave of 9 & 10 and 11 & 12 February 2023 this year. Government employees who are interested in this special Casual leave will be able to avail by applying online. Below is the process of filling online application along with important links.

Assam Government employees Special Casual Leave

  • All the State Govt. employees who are engaged in essential services like Police, Fire & Emergency Services, Disaster management, Health & Family Welfare etc. are eligible to avail the 2 days causal leave in a phased manner.
  • One fourth of the employees of these departments may be allowed to avail the facility at a time.
  • Appropriate photographs must be uploaded by the applicants in this portal.

How To Apply Special Casual Leave Online Application

State government employees who want 2 (two) days of casual leave facility to spend with their living Parents/Parents in law can avail it by applying online. For the ease of our users, we have provided a brief step by step guide of the online Casual Leave application process below.

  1. Scroll down, check Important Link‘s section.
  2. Click on Online Application Link.
  3. The official portal of Matri Pitri Vandana will load in the new tab.
  4. Click on the Register button and provide the Data for Registration.
  5. Provide the Mobile Number used during the time of Registration.
  6. OTP will be sent to the Registered Mobile Number.
  7. Use the OTP for login.
  8. After login click on apply button to apply for leave & fill in the details of the leave in the form.
  9. Click on view details button to view the apply option.
  10. Click on generate button to generate the application which needs to be signed by Head of the Department and the applicant.
  11. After availing the leave, click on upload button to upload the photograph ( 2 Nos. ) along with the signed application downloaded earlier for final approval of the leave.

Important Link for Matri Pitri Vandana

Online ApplyClick Here
Applicant LoginClick Here
Official NotificationView Here
Official WebsiteCheck Here

Frequently Asked Questions about Matri Pitri Vandana

1. How to register in the portal?
Ans: Click on the “Click here to Register” button in the Login area of the home page. This will display you a form which is to be filled up and click on the “Register” button to register in the portal. A message regarding successful registration will be displayed, if you are registered successfully. Otherwise, it will display an error message. Then you will have correct the data as per the error message and click on the “Register” button again. A passport size photo and govt. Identity card will be required to upload while registering. The Registration is one time process. Once you are registered in the portal then no need to register again in the next year.

2. How to Login to the portal?
Ans: Enter your registered mobile no. in the textbox of the Login area and click on the “Send OTP” button. An OTP will come to your registered mobile no. Enter the OTP in the textbox provided for it and click on “Login with OTP” button. If the OTP is correct, you will be successfully login into the portal and dashboard will be displayed.

3. How to apply for Special Casual Leave?
Ans: First you will have to do one time registration in the portal as described in FAQ 1, for applying for leave. Once you are registered, you can login to the portal using you mobile no. and OTP sent to the mobile no. (Described in FAQ 2). After successful login you can apply for leave by clicking on the “Apply for Leave” button.

4. What I have to do after applying for leave?
Ans: Download your leave application, print it, sign it and also get it signed by the concerned authority of your office. After availing the leave, you will have to login to the portal again and upload your leave application signed by the concerned authority and two copies of photos with your parents of parents-in-laws taken during the leave period.

5. Can I apply for Special Casual Leave on other dates?
Ans: If you are an employee of emergency service department then you can apply for leave later some other date also if not availed the leave on the dates specified by the government earlier. However, your application has to be approved by the concerned authority. You will have to follow the same procedure as defined in the question no. 2.